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Who is Barkibu?

Barkibu allows you to find the perfect vet for your four-legged friend. The beauty of the service lies in the fact that you can make a consultation from the comfort of your own home. You can chat, send photos, videos and even hold a video-conference over your phone with your chosen vet.

The brief problem

People are short on time. We all work, we have families and have 101 responsibilities. When your four legged friend swallows a particularly nasty looking mushroom in the middle of nowhere, what do you do?

The ability to contact a trusted vet from anywhere, at any time would prove invaluable. Of course a service like this is also beneficial to the vets. It will create extra avenues of revenue for vets. They will be listed as service providers on the Barkibu platform and rated in a similar manner to properties on Airbnb.

The competition

Similar services exist in the UK and North America but have yet to introduced to Spain. This leaves Barkibu in the interesting position of being the first. They will be breaking new ground and will have to use client feedback, stats and funding to progress and adapt. It will be an exciting 12 months for Barkibu.

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Project planning

The guys at Barkibu didn’t have a clear plan of how to best present their service. There was no content written. We worked together to draw up a rough outline of the landing page. We discussed the features that would be of most interest to potential users, vets and of course investors. The principal goal for the landing page was to get email addresses from interested parties, whether they were clients or vets. The project was on a tight time scale, things had to pretty agile.


As timing was tight and we needed to move quickly I jumped straight into Photoshop. There were no wireframes for the Barkibu landing page. Some would argue that a single one pager doesn’t need a wireframe, but the same as the architect who’s designing a simple garden shed, plans are always useful. It’s not my preferred way of working, but provided there is enough time to iterate then it’s possible.

Barkibu ratings screen

The aftermath

Barkibu is now live and gathering emails from interested vets and potential clients. It’s still very much in the initial stages, but hopefully very soon the service will expand as planned and the app and service will be fully functional.

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